1) It is really mandatory that every player must be over 18 years? Even if they have a parents signed authorization letting them play?

It is mandatory that each player be 18 years old, latest on 22th September. Czech Federation has two breweries as sponsors Budweiser and Pardubice brewery. For them it is illegal to support any sports event of youth. By allowing even a single player younger than18 into tournament it would become youth sports event.

2) What amount should we transfer if we want to have the rebate?

Payment of standard or upper standard accommodation covers all the expenses from Thursday  untill Sunday. (From 22 to 25th September) That is accommodation, meals and town's transportation. In terms of standard accomodation Half of the amount to be paid by end of February is 95 Euros and by the July 1st another 95 Euros, hat is the complete cost would be 190 Eur per person. In terms of upper standard it would be 145 Eur by the end of Februaru and 145 Eur the July 1st 2016. The deadline has been postponed until March 21st

3) What if one of the players finally wouldn't go, or the team declines its participation. Should you return the money?

In accordance with the law hotel can ask cancellation fee from 25 to 100 % (depending on time when cancellation occurred)  if they are able to prove that they were not able to sell vacancy to another client. It should not be the case, but this possibility can not be excluded. Registration fees will be returned 

4) Could it be possible to only register for the tournament, but not for the accomodation nor the meal?

It is possible, but keep in mind, if you will register or add some players after 1st July this delay may incur other cost as in September there are many big sports events here like Pardubice Steeplechase (oldest steeplechase on the continent) or Golden helmet - motorcycle Speedway race. People from many countries are coming here and the hotels count on that. Sometimes you can not find accomodation in Pardubice area even for a higher price, then you would have to pay also for transportation to Pardubice.

 5) Are you are planning to schedule a junior tournament? 

Not at the same time like KWCCH. However, there is an international tournament organized each year in Hradec Kralove. The Tournament is Inter G Cup for young players from 9 to 18. This year the it will be played on 12 and 13 October.


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